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The Network

In addition to representing the members, the Network of European Bleachists® places particular importance on the quality of the education of future dental cosmetician. In order to guarantee well-founded content and thus to ensure a high level of education, the VEB (Network of European Bleachists ®)  has developed a special education and examination procedure in cooperation with the "love your smile" Cosmetic Dentistry Academy. Furthermore, the Network and the “love your smile” Cosmetic Dentistry Academy both orientate themselves on the EU Directive 2011/84/EU and the German Cosmetic Directive.

Thus, the VEB members guarantee an up-market education qualification which enhances the career opportunities of the graduates while it also sustainably improves the image of dental cosmetician and bleachists®.

The “love your smile” Cosmetic Dentistry School and the Network of European Bleachists® are pioneers when it comes to the recognition of the cosmetician profession.

Certified bleachists® have excellent future career opportunities.

For the long-term success, a sound education foundation with legal know-how and the latest sales techniques is an important prerequisite. As so far there is no federal regulation for the education of dental cosmeticians and/or bleachists® and their way into independence, the Network for European Bleachists® strongly strives for a recognized education regulation.

We are convinced that this is the only way to guarantee an appropriate education for this ambitious sector.