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Welcome to the Network of European Bleachists®!

The sector of cosmetic bleaching and cosmetic dentistry has developed into a booming market in which many colleagues find their professional mission.

We bleachists® would herewith like to jointly represent our professional interests and establish quality standards. In the sector of ​​cosmetic dentistry, our contributors form a quality community.

In the Network of European Bleachists® (Verbund der Europäischen Bleachisten®, VEB) you will find inspirations for new bleaching techniques according to the EU law, innovative bleaching gels and methods. The Network offers help and advice setting up your own business.   

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In the Network of European Bleachists® we offer an intensive exchange with other colleagues from all over Europe about bleaching, cosmetic dentistry and good suppliers.

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Do you have any further questions or would you like a personal consultation on our Network, on cosmetic dentistry or on the bleachist education? Then just give us a call!

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Consumer protection against dubious or unqualified bleaching offers is one of the Network´s main tasks. The quality seal of the Network for European Bleachists® identifies the bleaching studios that have demonstrated their professional skills during a certified bleaching education at the renowned "love your smile" Cosmetic Dentistry Academy.