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Is an education necessary at all?

      We clearly say YES!

  • A large part of the education for your independence is the discussion of legal issues. Here you can quickly risk a legal complaint by the Dental Chambers and in the worst case you will have to close down your cosmetic dentistry studio.
  • In the “love your smile”-courses you will learn how to exactly draw the line between cosmetic dentistry and medical dentistry, and to answer legally correctly to difficult questions and act accordingly.
  • You will learn which words you may use for example for advertising and what words are concerned as medical terms or even diagnoses.
  • Without an education in cosmetic dentistry and teeth bleaching you could easily get into trouble with the Hygiene Authority.
  • On your way into independence and for your business start-up you will benefit from many years of experience and good networks of the “love your smile” education institute.

What requirements should I fulfill as a dental cosmetician?

The following basic requirements are certainly helpful:

  • Previous experience is not necessary
  • Enjoy working with people
  • Manual dexterity for this responsible job on people
  • Necessary medical fitness, certified by a medical clearance certificate
  • Minimum age of 18 years is advisable
  • The diploma of secondary school or a higher education or university degree
  • A prior professional education in medical dentistry or another professional education is not required, but is not hindering.

Legal: What is Cosmetic Dentistry / Bleaching?

Cosmetic dentistry and bleaching are services that support the customer in the studio in addition to his/her home dental hygiene. Cosmetic dentistry does not perform any medical procedures. In a dental cosmetic studio cosmetics products are used, whereas in the dental practice medical products are used. Bleaching can only be carried out on healthy people. So cosmetic dentistry closes a gap between the home dental care and medical treatment at the dentist. It stands for competent beauty and care for one´s teeth. It is an improved and more thorough dental care than brushing your teeth alone at home.